Friday, March 9, 2012

FOODIE FRIDAYS: Planting An Avocado Tree (an experiment)

I am SO excited! Only a few more weeks and I can start planting my seeds inside! Yeah, okay. I realize it will still be a bit early but nothing brightens me up than getting my garden started. Really, all I do right now is plan out what I'm going to plant and where to put it. I mean, we have our staples like tomatoes, sunflowers and pumpkins but I like switching other stuff around. And the other night, Jordy gave me a fun idea for an experiment!

I was making some guacomole for our Mexican night. Jordy came into the kitchen while I was cutting open an avocado. She's wonderfully curious about all things food, ingredient and cooking so she asked me questions about avocados. I showed her how to cut them open to get the fruit inside and she squealed at the seed.

"Holy moly, Mama! That is the biggest seed I've ever seen? What happens when you plant the seed?"

I really had no idea except that avocados come from trees, which I told her. Then she asked, "Can we plant it and see what happens?"

Well, you guys know me with plants and seeds. I love to try new things! So, I 'Googled' how to plant an avocado seed and we set it all up. Really, you could just plant the seed in a pot or something but I found a fun way to teach curious kiddos about how plants grow. And it's so easy!
What you'll need:

~ one avocado
~ four toothpicks
~ small juice glass or container
~ water

Here's what you do:

1. Using a sharp knife, cut around the entire avocado lenthwise. The halves will still be connected by the seed. You should be able to gently twist the halves in opposite directions so the fruit comes apart. The seed will be stuck in one of the halves.

2. Scoop the seed out with a spoon (or use the butt end of the knife and twist it out. Scooping is easier and safer if you haven't done this before. LOL!) Rinse the seed off and allow it to air dry. Use the avocado fruit how you desire to. (Guacomole is yummy!)

3. Look at the seed closely. The 'bottom' of the seed is round and the 'top' is narrower with a little point. Take your toothpicks and gently poke them into the seed, one on each side, pointy side of the seed UP. (See picture).

4. Fill your glass or container with water and put the seed 'top' side up into the water. The toothpicks should keep the seed emmersed in the water but still have its 'head' sticking out.

Sophie showing how long the root is.
5. Then wait! The first thing you'll see is the root coming out. That should start coming out after a week or so. As the root grows longer, you'll have to give your little seed bigger containers. Some people who have done this experiment just leave it in the same container the entire time. And don't forget to change the water every couple of days!

It can take months before the little tree comes out but it's worth the wait! Ours has taken almost two whole months but we were so excited when we finally noticed our little tree poking out the top! Once your little tree is a couple of inches high, feel free to transport him to a big pot or, if you live in a warmer climate (which we don't), to your garden. He'll need ALOT of sun.

This is such an amazing way to get kids curious about where food comes from and gardening. If you try this, let me know! We'll compare trees.

Sophie showing off our little tree!

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Jason Namstein said...

I love the way avocado seeds look when they first sprout, and the trees are surprisingly hardy when they really get established

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