Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Sensational World According To Jaimie ~ How the Love From An Animal Can Help Kids With Special Needs

I can't believe how long it's been since we've posted here on The Gift. So much has been going on around here we have had to put a few things on hold. But that is all for a future post.

Today, we are going to get back to Jaimie's wonderful posts. She isn't here at the moment to post herself so I thought I'd do it for her for today. And I know, due to the subject matter of the post, that she won't mind.

In May, we had new neighbours move in next door. We weren't 100% sure about them at first. Not because of anything specific but more that we have had the worst luck with neighbors since we've moved in, and we were a little leery. Our minds were quickly eased as we started talking with them more and more, and saw the beautiful relationship developing between Jaimie and one of their dogs named Frankie.

Friday, April 26, 2013

FOODIE FRIDAYS: Squash Recipe from Chef Jamie Oliver

I am always looking for new variations on recipes I do regularly. And one of my favorite people to turn to when wanting a new meal idea is Chef Jamie Oliver. He is never afraid to take ingredients and use them in new ways you'd never think to.

I was given his cookbook, "Happy Days with the Naked Chef" this past Christmas and absolutely LOVE it. It's packed full of great recipes that would be useful for us vegetarians as well as some awesome sounding meat and fish recipes. One that I tried last weekend was using butternut squash called Hamilton Squash and I'm going to share it with you today.

I used quinoa instead of basmati rice for the extra protein and I used fresh instead of dried porcinis but you can switch it up any way you'd like. In fact, Jamie encourages you to always try making his recipes your own. He considers them to be suggestions, not written in stone. Another thing we love about him around here.

Okay, ready? Grab your apron and let's go!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sensational Women in the Community: The Incredible Gloria Loring

"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." ~ Albert Einstein

Have you ever struggled with something then just when you are at the point you feel you have nowhere left to turn, someone or something comes into your life to give you the direction you need? That is pretty much the meaning behind Einstein's insightful quote. And it is also both the theme of life, and title, of today's guest's new book.

We welcome the beautiful and uber-talented Gloria Loring to 'The Gift' today. If her name sounds familiar, you probably remember her from her fan favorite role as Liz Chandler on Days Of Our Lives. She is also a recording artist of the #1 hit 'Friends and Lovers' as well as the co-composer and singer of the television theme song, 'The Facts of Life'. But one of her most important roles to me has been that as an advocate for her son, who lives with diabetes. Not only has she been on the front lines using her celebrity to raise money and awareness for research, she works hard to do so because of a promise she made to her son years ago to "work to end his diabetes" (Check out the book, 'Days of Our Lives Celebrity Cookbook'. This book raised one million dollars for diabetes research!)

Knowing all of these amazing things she had going on in her life, it was shocking to know that privately she had been struggling with several personal demons: her father's alcoholism, struggling to deal with her parents' divorce, living in a motel and even having to work as a go-go dancer to earn enough to eat. Most people who go through such things often become angry or bitter. But Gloria reflected on these times in her new book, Coincidence is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous: Reflections on Daytime Dramas and Divine Intervention (HCI Publishing). She notes the coincidences during these times--the person or event that came into her life when she needed them the most--and helped her get back on the path she needed to be on that led her to her life's next step.

Gloria shares her many pearls of wisdom on how although we think coincidences come out of the blue, it's possible to experience divine intervention each day. In other words: these things/people/events were supposed to happen as were those events/things/people brought to us to help get us through it all. The most unique feature about the book, that I loved, was how she opened each chapter with lyrics from her new CD "Turn the Page" which is basically the soundtrack for the book. The lyrics reflect the experiences and principles she writes about.

I am honored and pleased to have Gloria join us here today as part of her blog tour through WOW-Women On Writing. Thank you for sharing with us today, Gloria. And please come back any time. You are always welcome. Readers, please welcome Gloria Loring: author, recording artist, actress, mom and advocate.

When you buy Chynna's books, you're helping children in crisis.

When you buy Chynna's books, you're helping children in crisis.
Proceeds from each of Chynna's book sales goes directly to Chynna's favorite charity, Zebra Centre. Click on the zebra to learn more about the amazing things these people are doing to help children in crisis be all they're meant to be. Thank you for your support.

Thank you Ringo. We LOVE you.

Thank you Ringo. We LOVE you.
Peace and Love

My FAVORITE Ringo. =)

My FAVORITE Ringo. =)


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