Choose the format of your online photo album

Photo albums ordered online can take many forms. From the mini format to the very large panorama format, choose the one that best suits your expression. Display your talent by gathering your favorite images in a quality album.

The photo album made directly online

See how easy it is now to order your photo album print directly online. You can get a photo book from your own pictures, without even having to go anywhere. All you have to do is select the images you want to print. Then make your montage with the provided software, very easy to use. You can easily switch the order of the pictures, place them on the pages in an original way, write text or use the suggested creative examples. Throughout the process, you can change your mind, remove or add photos and increase or decrease the number of pages. The layout is very versatile and allows for a lot of creativity. Take as much time as you need, your project is saved. It's impressive and very exciting to see your photos put together in a well printed book, on quality paper, with a very professional cover. This is what allows you to do. Follow the instructions and let your imagination do the rest. See all the proposals that are offered and choose the most appropriate album format. If you wish to share and offer your album to people around you, you can order several copies, identical or all different in format, finish and cover. It's up to you to make your selection.

Tell an original story

The best way to get started is to gather the pictures related to an event and make a selection. With some exceptions, you will find that some of the photos are very similar. In this case, it is advisable to make a selection. Not all the pictures will be retained in your selection. Take the best ones, the most relevant ones and the ones that show unique moments. The personalized photo, for example, will be retained for its originality. Do not hesitate to eliminate some pictures, even if you have regrets. Once you have made your choice, think about the atmosphere you want to create by creating this album. Many tricks are available to you to enhance your photos and give dynamism to the whole. For example, if you are illustrating a child's party, the layout of the photos will probably be more fanciful than if you are producing a souvenir album about the construction of your house. When creating your photo album, features are offered to change the framing, the position of the images on the page, the insertion of text, and even maps and directions. Think about your return from vacation and the pleasure you will feel when you open your personalized book that evokes the highlights of your last trip.

How to choose your album format?

You have decided on the subject of your album. Now you have to decide which format will be the most appropriate for your photographic story. There are several criteria to consider before making your decision. The first criterion is undoubtedly the use of this photo album. Do you want to put it in your bag and have it with you to show it to your friends or colleagues? Does this book tell the story of a festive event, a birthday or a special meeting between friends? Do you want to give it as a gift to the people involved? In this case, you have the choice of small formats, square or rectangular, which are accessible and serve as a personalized gift. On the other hand, if you want to illustrate a more important event or use high quality photos, you can explore larger formats such as portrait or panorama, and even the very original square format. Your photos will take all their importance there and everyone will be able to admire the qualities of composition. Your talent will be highlighted. Perhaps this book is for someone you care about and you want to make a gift that is truly out of the ordinary? Dare the very large format! It can be a very large panoramic format or a very large portrait format which, in both cases, perfectly illustrate a wedding, an engagement, an exotic vacation or immortalize a special occasion. The album can also be the realization of an art object that you compose for the pleasure of admiring your most beautiful photos printed and published. Photo albums express your sensitivity and your emotions. They are a way to promote exchange when they are browsed by others. Take advantage of this modern technique to show and share your photos.

Order a photo album online, it's easy

You've finished your editing, your photos are well selected and your album format is chosen. The last decisions to make are the type of paper and the preferred cover style. Matte, satin or glossy paper, hard or soft cover, bound or glued, even leather or linen to underline the importance of the event, with a raised effect or not, everything is possible. Consult the site and evaluate the possibilities. Use the tips at your disposal. View the different categories directly online and make your decision. You can view as many presentations as you want before making a final choice. The next step is simple, order your album directly online. You can choose the mode and place of delivery, at your convenience. The delivery is guaranteed within the announced deadlines. All you have to do is enjoy your album that reminds you of such good times.
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