Retirement : what corporate gift to offer ?

Retirement marks the end of an employee's professional activity. Celebrating this moment with the works council and colleagues is a sign of respect and thanks for this brave employee who is leaving through the front door. Offering him a gift at a farewell party shows how useful his services were to the company, but also encourages his colleagues to continue their adventure. There are many ways to show the company's gratitude.

Offer a gift certificate

An employee who retires is the pride of a company manager who accompanies him to this new stage of his life. Years of good and loyal service deserve to be rewarded with a company gift as a token of appreciation. A gift voucher can be given to the new retiree to make purchases in several stores according to his or her desires. The advantage of this gift is that it benefits from an exemption from charges not exceeding 5% of the social security ceiling.

An original gift such as a gift card or gift box

If the company manager and the employee who is tidying up his wings know each other well, he can offer him a gift that will surely please him. A multi-themed gift card or box is an excellent choice as a corporate gift to leave an immortal memory to the retiring employee. Why not open up other passions in the new retiree by offering a gift card like a travel gift for example? A relaxing weekend is also a nice present to put a transition to his old life and his new life. In this case, he will freely choose the object or the activity that he will like with this gift box.

A gift to occupy his long days

The smart organizer will surely ask the new retiree what he will do with his long days. He or she will certainly get some information to decide on a corporate gift and at the same time grant the wishes of the new retiree. A decorative mini wine cellar is ideal for a wine enthusiast. A gardening kit will be the inseparable friend of a 60-year-old with a green thumb. Or, a utensil or a nice knife set will enchant a cooking fan. A camera will also be a faithful companion for a photography lover. He will put all his heart into practicing his passion while thinking of the company and his colleagues when he uses his gift.
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