Women’s gift idea: why they love scented candles so much

Scented candles have become one of the most sought-after decorative items for women. Mixing light and fragrance, they offer a warm and friendly atmosphere. With so many choices, scented candles are among the best gift ideas for women.

Reasons why women love candles?

Question of smell and romance? Giving a scented candle gift would be a better idea when dealing with women's emotionality. One of the elements that could arouse their emotions is the smell. Indeed, every smell is engraved in the olfactory memory and to feel again a smell could carry us away by the emotion. This is why women love a scented candle gift. The smell of scented candles combined with light is enough to create a romantic atmosphere that revives this emotionality of women. Moreover, decorative and trendy, a wide range exists allowing them to put it in any room of the house. At the same time, the smell can be used to camouflage the odors invading the house: cooking, smoking, etc..

The different scents of candles

Candle manufacturers offer a wide range of choices on the market, grouped by olfactory family. Fruity candles, for example, have fruit-based scents such as lime, tangerine or strawberry. Floral candles, on the other hand, those that attract many women, use the smell of flowers such as roses or lilies. Woody candles like sandalwood or patchouli, which are very popular in winter, recall the smell of the forest. Warmth and elegance reign in your home with them and it is especially the choice of men. Gourmet candles immediately bring to mind delicacies such as chocolate or almonds. A fresh scented candle gift announces invigorating scents like mint and basil. Citrus candles gather citrus fruits. Tonic and vitality take place in your interior. Finally, the oriental candles slightly spicy gather the fragrances with background notes both sweet and warm.

The best choice of candles to give

To avoid giving a poisoned gift, it is best to think carefully about the materials from which it is made. Chemicals are often toxic. The candles we find on the market are often made from kerosene or waxes obtained by petrochemistry. A scented candle gift, even if it is no longer lit, releases toxic substances such as benzene, toluene or acetone. The risks: these candles can cause headaches, allergic reactions, respiratory problems and even cancer. To please the person, offer a candle produced with vegetable wax or beeswax and with an ecological wick (without chemical contact). As for the perfume, choose essential oils.
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